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"We’ve been working with Media PR and we’ve been extremely pleased with the quality of their work, they have got us press attention in a significant number of outlets, including The Daily Telegraph, The Evening Standards,  The Guardian and a number of other large scale titles, as well as a number of more targeted titles, relating to Health & Wellbeing. They are also really good at workshopping ideas with us for PR events and that has been very helpful in guiding us and making the most of our PR budget."


"I recommend Media PR for all of you who are looking for great resource of PR. Media PR Global are a valuable PR resource for our company. Media PR has a great connection with magazines and websites in the market. I believe they possess the skills and qualifications and are exceptional pr specialists. I fully understand their capabilities and they never let down our expectations."



"We switched to Media PR after a succession of agencies that seemed more interested in decking out their offices with tennis tables and expensive furniture. I’m not saying Kieran’s offices isn’t nice, but he is the first person in PR I have met who just gets the job done! No fake sales pitch, no ass-kissing your brand, no hidden agenda. He just gets the coverage he says he will. Straight forward PR, what a relief! Couldn’t recommend more highly."

Rob Ingram, DIRECTOR

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